Working philosophy

Exponentially enabling individuals to develop and sustain PrimePerformance is our mission. PrimePerformance is consistently operating at the top of your professional game. Reaching and sustaining top performance is a conscious choice powered by intent, dedication and discipline.

Focused Energy provides the foundation for PrimePerformance.

Focused Energy = motivation x commitment2

  • Focused Energy is a meta-competency comprised of mindful presence, agility, clarity and sustained action. It enables people to think strategically and act with conviction.
  • Motivation and commitment multiply, exponentially increasing one’s ability to attain the focused energy of the PrimeZone.
  • The PrimeZone is a focused mindset that triggers a positive feedback loop sustaining motivation and commitment over time.   

The role of a PrimePerformance coach is to enable your innate capabilities through inspiration, observation, powerful questions, insight, positive reinforcement and supportive accountability. 


Our Leadership



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Effort is what ignites ability and turns it into accomplishment.
— Carol Dweck - Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.