Our leadership

We are a powerful exponent of your uniquely personal journal. Our energized focus is on accelerated results. We offer leaders at all levels the coaching and career consultation to develop and sustain Prime Leadership capabilities. We’re led by

Dr. Susan Mayfield, a resourceful and responsive leadership coach and consultant, with a passion for accelerating transformations in the professional and personal lives of high-performing, ambitious professionals. Susan believes that Focused Energy is an essential meta-competency for the 21st century. It enables people to win in today’s competitive business environment and to realize their personal dreams. Susan’s proprietary coaching model enables both men and women to build the focus, motivation and commitment that result in PrimePerformance

Throughout her career, Susan has been instrumental in helping people discover their inner strength and leverage their own abilities to achieve. Known as a difference-maker, a quick builder of trust and intuitive problem solver, Susan is a go-to resource for insight on tough challenges—both in and out of the workplace. She excels in helping her clients focus their energy and efforts on what really matters.

With over 25 years of experience, Susan has fostered the growth of leaders and teams in the health care, pharmaceutical, advertising, public sector, finance, technology, higher education and manufacturing industries to broaden and deepen their leadership competencies.

After earning her Ph.D. in clinical psychology, Susan went into private practice before transitioning into the corporate sector. At Workplace Solutions LLC, she took on P & L responsibility and grew the HR consulting piece of the business, while consistently demonstrating strong leadership abilities in operations and finance.

Her coaching experiences have led Susan to become acutely aware of the cultural changes impacting today’s leaders. Dual-career couples and women in the role of primary breadwinner have become the new norm. As a result, Susan has developed a passion for working with women leaders to master the challenges that nontraditional gender roles can have on business and family relationships. Coaching these women leaders has inspired Susan to become an advocate for women breadwinners.  

Targeted expertise, a background in clinical psychology, and corporate experience shape Susan’s unique perspective. Those who go through Susan’s process typically focus their energy to prioritize goals, cultivate a mindset of achievement, create breakthroughs, and strengthen their competitive position.

Susan Mayfield holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Northern Illinois University and is a Board Certified Coach. Her association memberships include the Society of Consulting Psychology, American Psychological Association, and the Illinois Psychological Association.