Women Breadwinners

As we coach women leaders, it has become increasingly common for them to describe, often in confidence, their role as primary breadwinner for themselves and their families. They need their coach to understand that the financial survival of their family depends on them. It impacts every aspect of their careers and personal lives.

By 2015 about 40% of women with children became the main financial support for their families. Yet, our culture lags behind in understanding and embracing new family structures. Gender roles that are out of step with prevailing cultural norms can lead to a sense of vulnerability for these women and their partners. Many don’t easily speak out loud about the impact of these role incongruities on their careers, personal lives and relationships.

Women who are primary breadwinners face special challenges in achieving the PrimeZone. Despite high-powered jobs, many breadwinning women still aspire to be superwomen. Trying to do it all can backfire, damaging career prospects and financial well-being. Time pressures and high stress levels often interfere with attaining Focused Energy. When one’s energy becomes scattered among too many priorities, every aspect of life can suffer.

Our broad understanding of women leaders underpins our coaching services for women breadwinners; our special expertise can be a difference maker in fostering success. We enable women breadwinners to sort through multiple, competing priorities so that they can clearly focus energy to achieve PrimePerformance both professionally and personally. 

We continuously build our expertise through research and thought leadership to better serve women breadwinners.