How the Prime Performance Coaching System Works

All professional transformations are intentional and begin with a dream that instills passion, motivation and grit. Turning your dream into reality requires conscious choice and discipline - a rigorous, mindful commitment.

The PrimePerformance coaching system integrates each element of the FE=mc2 equation. Our coaches would be honored to serve as your guide and exponent on the journey toward achieving the Focused Energy of the PrimeZone. We work with you to enable you to exponentially expand your innate catabilites through inspiration, observation, powerful questions, guided practice, positive reinforcement and supportive accountability. Our goal is to empower you to attain the top-tier performance that will turn your dreams into reality.

Focused Energy = motivation x commitmentment2

  • Focus is the foundation for building and sustaining PrimePerformance. Your dreams for professional accomplishment and a satisfying personal life define your focus. Our assessment tools will help you to define where you stand today in relation to your dreams. Powerful visioning tools will illuminate your path to success. We will teach you to clearly see where you want to go and develop specific plans to get there.

  • Mindfulness forms the bridge between focus and motivation. We will help you develop the skills to stay in the present moment, operating from a state of internal calm. With mindful presence, you will gain the agility to use a broad lens to scan the environment and zoom in on what truly matters.

  • Motivation fuels your ability to achieve your dreams. When you understand what you truly want professionally and personally, your energy becomes precisely targeted towards your goals. You will learn mindful focus skills that will gently pull you toward your goal as opposed to feeling as if you are pushing a boulder up a mountain.

  • Commitment is where the rubber meets the road. It enables you to act with purpose, clarity and confidence. Commitment provides the grit to practice new skills and build the habits to make your success sustainable. Your coach will provide supportive accountability to boost your ability to keep your commitments.

Reaching and sustaining the PrimeZone is the outcome of mastering the FE=mc2 equation. Over time, your motivation and commitment will multiply, exponentially increasing your ability to attain the focused energy of the PrimeZone. Your reward will be Focused Energy - a meta-competency comprised of mindful presence, agility, clarity and sustained action.