Prime Leadership for Women

It is no secret that women leaders face a steeper climb to top leadership positions than men do. Early in women’s careers, the slope of the path that men and women travel is similar. With each promotional level, the slope of the path rises more for a woman and more obstacles block her path. Barriers to women’s ascendancy are both external and internal. It is critical for aspiring women understand these barriers so that they can focus energy toward acquiring skills and experiences to surmount these obstacles.

External Barriers

Photo by AlexBrylov/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by AlexBrylov/iStock / Getty Images
  • Gender bias – likability v. competence; less credit for success-more blame for failure
  • Shortage of senior women leaders – not enough critical mass to positively impact culture
  • Less powerful and influential networks
  • Absence of sponsorship
  • Lack of profit and loss experience – pursuing staff rather than line promotions

Internal/Personal Barriers

  • Confidence/Executive Presence
  • Insufficient time on building internal/external networks
  • Staying in one place too long – being perceived as indispensable in current role
  • Neglect of long-term career planning, securing “on ramps” – while pursing caregiving roles
  • Life balance -  inadequate support system at home  

These barriers often lead to scattered focus which can cause women to veer off the path to professional success. The PrimePerformance coaching model helps women to map out a path to their chosen level of leadership. We will help you to clarify your focus, capitalize on deep motivation and mindfully commit to the actions that will raise your professional game to a higher power. The resulting Focused Energy will serve as your internal compass guiding you towards your leadership PrimeZone.

Focused Energy = motivation x commitment2