Why PrimePerformance?

Focused Energy is an essential meta-competency for the 21st Century.

Focused energy is comprised of:
- Mindful Presence
- Agility
- Clarity
- Sustained Action

Focused Energy provides the bedrock for sustainable Prime Performance.
— Susan Mayfield, Ph.D.

We are a powerful exponent of your uniquely personal journey. Our energized focus is on accelerated results. We offer leaders at all levels coaching and career consultation to develop and sustain Prime Leadership capabilities. We focus on accelerated internal shifts that power your transformation.

Professional Prime is characterized by the ability to access a deep state of Focused Energy.  Sometimes called “flow,” it builds a state of mindful presence and concentrates energy to accelerate performance.  Awareness of time fades into the background and your attention zooms in on what’s most important in the moment. Athletes refer to this state as being “in the zone.” To us, it is entering the PrimeZone.

We work with you to inspire and accelerate your ability to attain the Focused Energy of the PrimeZoneYour imagination and vision for success build the motivation and commitment that exponentially expand your ability to achieve Focused Energy.

Focused Energy = motivation x commitment2