It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.
— Leonardo DaVinci
Motivation and mindfulness incite flow toward achieving your PrimeZone, building brain pathways and muscle memory.
— Susan Mayfield, Ph.D.

Achieve PrimePerformance!

Achieving your professional prime requires the same motivation, commitment and focused energy that top-tier athletes use to elevate their performance with every challenge.

The exponent in our tagline "Achieve the Power2 of PrimePerformance" represents our commitment to you as a powerful exponent of your uniquely personal journey. Together, we enable you to make things happen.

In the world of constantly changing business realities, raising your game is key. We focus on raising our game and yours to a higher power. Focused Energy is an essential meta-competency to win in today's competetive busienss environment.

Focus creates mindfulness and agility-based thinking, providing a new lens to assess current capabilites. Your increased agility accelerates clarity of perception and thinking. Energy powers you forward on the pathway to sustainable PrimePerformance.

Focused Energy = Motivation x Commitment2

Our approach re-imagines Einstein's theory of relativity ... E=mc2 becomes a game-changing opportunity to achieve the power of your professional Prime...

Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Your imagination, the stuff of which dreams are made, will focus and accelerate breakthrougsh and transformations. Your Focused Energy will stimulate mindfulness and motivation to achieve the flow to top-tier performance. Implicit in all we do is inspiration - ours, yours, and the inspiring effects your personal journey has on others.

PrimePerformance leadership coaching integrates each element of the FE=mc2 equation. New insights and guided practice dynamically boost your motivation and commitment. Integral to the core process are your conscious choice and discipline - a rigorous, mindful commitment that's quite simply prime.

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